You see speed limit signs everywhere and everyday a zillion people get ticketed for going over it. Yet, Texas really doesn't have a speed limit.

Sure, speeding can be dangerous but that's not really our biggest concern. Getting caught doing it is what we're more worried about.

Getting pulled over is annoying and expensive. It also can lead to more expenses farther down the road if it jacks your insurance rates up.

On the whole, it's a pain. First, you're even later for work because the ticket process takes forever. Then you have to make time to appear in court.

Then come the fines and/or charges to get the ticket either dismissed, reduced or paid and off your back.

Do Defensive Driving Classes Get Tickets Dismissed In Texas?

You may have to give up some free time sitting through a defensive driving course too.

Those can now be done at home, (where you can drink beer in your underwear), or be administered by a comedian.

Those two aren't as boring as the "official" classes.

Texas Really Doesn't Have A Speed Limit

Shocker though, according to these lawyers, Texas has NO speed limit...

In a nutshell, Texas law says going over the speed limit isn't illegal as long as you're driving in a safe manner given the circumstances. Speeding on a clear day in light traffic vs. on an icy curve, at night, in a heavy rain.

Hence, simply because you’re driving 75 in a 60 m.p.h. zone, it doesn’t necessarily follow that you’re “speeding.” If it’s not “unreasonable and imprudent under the circumstance then existing” to do so, you can lawfully drive 75 m.p.h. Think about the times you’ve “gone with the flow” of traffic, even though everyone was going faster than the posted “speed limit.” Were all of you being unreasonable?

Thus, there are no speed limits in Texas, in that you can (in certain situations) lawfully drive at a rate of speed greater than what is indicated by the posted speed limit sign. -

You Can Still Get A Ticket For Speeding

Be aware though that you CAN still be stopped and cited for "speeding". You then have to convince the judge that you weren't being a reckless lunatic.

Do that and, in theory, you're off the hook.

Remember though, Texas loves the money that these violations bring in so the odds of you winning here probably aren't that great.

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