Lowering the cost of carrying a gun in Texas, and making it easier to do so, are just a couple of bills coming up in 2017.

****UPDATE:  The bill to lower fees to carry a gun in Texas PASSED and has been signed by the Governor. It takes effect September 1st, 2017!!****

A bill affecting what is known as "Constitutional Carry", (HB 375), will be looked at by the legislature. According to an El Paso Times article:

Unlike the open-carry bill, the new measure does not require a license — or the passing of a gun-safety test and the payment of a $140 fee for the license — to allow a handgun to be carried either openly or concealed.

Lt. Governor Dan Patrick wants to give priority status to a bill lowering the fee charged by the state of Texas to obtain an LTC or, "License To Carry". (SB 16) Patrick says:

“Texas has one of the highest license-to-carry fees in the country.” "No Texan should be deprived of their right to self-protection because of onerous licensing fees imposed by the state.”

Other Texas gun rights related bills involve limiting guns in public gathering places, (HB 255), requiring background checks for gun show sales, (HB 259) and changing "gun free area" signage, (HB 246).

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