Texas Governor Greg Abbott has a plan to improve security in Texas schools and some of the steps are sure to cause some controversy. 

Governor Abbott has come up with a massive new Texas school campus security plan.  Here are the parts I think will probably stir everyone up the most:

  • Gun Laws. Limiting who can buy guns, (possibly) seizing the guns of those deemed a "danger", updating the "can't buy lists" more accurately plus, strengthening penalties for those whose guns are used by another.
  • Armed Campus Security. The plan calls for more school marshalls and a "streamlining" of the program to become one.
  • Hiring School Security. Hiring more retired law enforcement peeps and military veterans is recommended.
  • Arming Staff. This part seeks to fund the training of school personnel who want to become school marshals.
  • Kicking Kids Out Of Class.  Easing the process anyway...
  • Monitoring Student Behavior. Personal behavior as well as that on social media and elsewhere.

I'm sure every aspect of the plan will cause some degree of debate but, I think these items will light the biggest fires. You can read the entire plan here.