It's true, crickets in Texas can tell you the temperature with their cute and soothing little chirps.

Nature fascinates me. There are so many cool things that animals and plants can tell us and/or do for us. For example, did you know that beavers help to ease climate change?  Or, that rats can detect landmines?

True facts, here are a few more.

Back to the crickets, they're not only tiny little meteorologists, they're also a cool alarm system. If you wake in the middle of the night and they're chirping, you're good. If they fall silent, then something, (or someone), is moving around nearby.

My uncle told me that when I was about 6. Since you don't know my uncle and may not trust in his wisdom, here's proof.

By the way, the crickets don't have to be from Texas. They ALL do these things. They don't have unions or political parties to divide themselves with. (Another thing they could teach us.)

How Do You Do ?
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Anyway, as for the temperature thing, here's the deal.  If you count the number of chirps you hear in a 15 second time span, then add 40, the answer will be the approximate temperature.

Say they're chirping once per second; that will get you 15 which, plus 40, would mean the temp is about 55 degrees. 3 chirps in 15 seconds means 43 degrees.

Get it?

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This, however, calls for an inordinate amount of patience and focus which I am incapable of.

That's 15 seconds I could be grabbing a beer or listening to a speed metal cover of a Ramones song.

Or, The Ramones themselves...

Being that my phone shows me the temp at a glance, I doubt I'll be trying this.  If you want to have some fun with the kids some night though, it's a nice bonding project.

You're welcome.

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