It is crazy how some people will do the craziest things and lose a lot from it. For example, you hear crazy stories about people with good careers that lose their job over something dumb. Many years ago that was actually the case with an El Paso man.

He spent soo many years in school, long study nights, and finally landed a job in the medical field. Well, in 2010, he was arrested for possessing child porn. He basically put in all that hard work at school and landing his dream job for nothing.

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Something somewhat similar happened recently involving a woman and her housekeeper/babysitter. In Laredo, Texas not too long ago a Customs and Border Protection officer was busted for smuggling over her housekeeper/babysitter according to The Daily Beast. CBP Officer Rhonda Lee Walker risked it all for her helper at home Mexican citizen Yadira Yesenia Trevino-SanMiguel.

CBP Officer Walker allegedly used a co-worker's computer to be able to sneak Yadira Yesenia Trevino-SanMiguel into the United States. Walker had tried setting up an appointment for Trevino-SanMiguel to donate plasma in the United States. An anonymous tip was given to the Department of Homeland Security's office of OPR (Office of Professional Responsibility).

The anonymous tip was claiming Rhonda Lee Walker had given Yadira Yesenia Trevino-SanMiguel a job to take care of house duties and babysit. Rhonda Lee Walker was letting her housekeeper/babysitter into the country illegally. After the tip, Rhonda Lee Walker was being investigated last year in June. Due to Walker hiding the truth she can face up to 5 years in prison.

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