First it was In-N-Out, now they're coming for our Whataburger, y'all! Lisa brought up on the show that In-N-Out had to close earlier this week because of bad buns. In-N-Out did end up opening back quickly and while the chain's executive vice President Bob Lang, Jr. said in a statement that there were no food safety concerns they didn't exactly tell us what was wrong with the buns! All the statement said was that the bread did "not meet the quality standards that we demand."

Now it looks like Whatabuger is following suit along with Raising Canes! At the moment, Whataburger and Raising Canes are not serving white buns and Texas Toast! Whataburger released a statement and also, this tweet:

On the upside, instead of closing the restaurants they are instead serving their burgers on wheat buns and toast. As for Raising Canes, no word on a wheat substitute, so don't expect your toast with your chicken fingers for the time being. No word yet on when this bun crisis will end at Whataburger, but on the upside, El Paso Whataburger's are NOT affected! KVIA was told by Amanda Kennedy, with Whataburger’s public relations team that El Paso was not affected. So, yay! But, still no word on when this bun crisis will be under control!