Some of the most famous names in music come from Texas & The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame is home to some of the absolute greatest names in rock history. Over 365 names are inducted; some hailing from the state of Texas (or with members from Texas): ZZ Top, Billy Preston, Buddy Holly, Roy Orbison. You also have The Eagles & the Foo Fighters in there; while they're not Texas BANDS, they DO have members FROM Texas like Taylor Hawkins & Don Henley. But there's some names that are absent. Names like...


We're FINALLY seeing metal bands get inducted into the RnR Hall of Fame; Judas Priest got accepted this year. So that opens the door for SO many names. The biggest one has to go to Pantera.

I'd love to see the late Abbott brothers get immortalized forever & be recognized as the legends they are.

Meat Loaf:

I was surprised to not see Meat Loaf in the Hall of Fame. While he might not be the most popular pick; his name definitely carried weight in the rock world. He gave us huge hits like Bat Out Of hell, Two Outta Three Ain't Bad & I Would Do Anything For Love. We lost Meat Loaf last year.

I think it's the least we can do for the Dallas rocker.


A staple in Austin's music scene, Spoon is arguably the biggest rock band to come out of the Austin area. They've been around since 1993; they REALLY started becoming popular in the mid 2000s. Even if their latest album, Lucifer on the Sofa, is nominated for Best Rock Album at the 2023 Grammys.

While they might be an underground favorite, I think their name should be thrown into the mix of eventually going into the HoF.

Old 97s

Yes they're a blend of country, Americana, indie, folk & rock but that doesn't mean that should exclude from the RnR HoF. Since 1994, Dallas's Old 97s have put out 12 albums & they've become a pioneering band for artists who want to crossover from country to rock as a bridge of bringing more fans together.

Nowadays with artists like Koe Wetzel, Hardy, Zac Brown who have joined the rock community, I think we can say "thank you" to the Dallas group by inducting them.

W.C. Clark:

Which blues musician can say he had the chance to play for BB King, Albert King, Big Joe Turner, Stevie Ray Vaughan & James Brown? Well The Godfather of Austin Blues, W.C. Clark certainly can.

The 83 year old has certainly left his mark on the music scene & because he's played with so many legends in his day, he absolutely needs to go into the HoF.

At The Drive-In:

And finally, I had to include a name from El Paso. This is arguably THE band that people first think of when talking about El Paso bands. After the band's break up; not only did they spawn The Mars Volta, Sparta (and MANY more spin off projects), they probably helped more artists in the local music scene realize that they TOO can become big. And we HAVE seen more names from El Paso & around El Paso become huge.

I can think of plenty more names from El Paso that deserve to go into the HoF; you can plenty more names right here.

Let's hope 2023 and beyond can rectify this & get these names in the Hall of Fame where they belong!

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