Does giving out warnings instead of tickets equal profiling to you?

An EP Times article says that:

motorists stopped by Texas DPS officers in border counties like El Paso "were more likely to get a warning than those stopped in non-border counties."

That's a good thing isn't it? I think most would prefer a warning over a ticket but, the Texas ACLU Executive Director says writing warnings instead of citations means officers are profiling hispanics.


Going by 2015 census figures, there's an 81.3% chance the driver of any car stopped in El Paso county will be hispanic. (Factor in visitors from neighboring areas and that percentage probably jumps into the 90's.) That's not profiling, that's math.  Now, if the officer chooses to be cool and cut someone a break, who cares? Unless they're only giving the warnings to non-hispanics, where's the profiling??

Making people aware of the rules and getting them to drive in a safe manner ... as opposed to just collecting revenue for the state ... is what they're really supposed to do anyway, right?