According to a new report from WalletHub, Texas came in as the 5th worst state for children's healthcare.

It's no wonder so many young Americans have decided to not have children, especially when you see how expensive childcare has become in the country. Not only are we talking about daycare, but also dental health gets pricey and insurance for kids today is higher than it has ever been in history.

According to a report by the Health Cost Institute, the cost of children's health care has increased 5% every year since 2010.

The reason?

Rising health costs, causing parents to spend more and more for their children's well-being. Even though many parents have to worry about this cost, the state they live in can also be a factor in the cost of healthcare for their child.

The personal-finance website WalletHub did a report looking at the cost of healthcare for children in all 50 states and the District of Columbia. They used 28 key indicators like highest percentage of children in excellent/good health, lowest percent of uninsured children, lowest infant death rate, most pediatricians and doctors and more.

Unfortunately for Texans, our state did not fair well on this report. Texas came in as the 5th worst state fr children's healthcare. Here is how Texas did on this report:

Children’s Health Care in Texas (1=Best; 25=Avg.):

  • 45th – % of Children Aged 0–17 in Excellent/Very Good Health
  • 49th – % of Uninsured Children Aged 0–17
  • 20th – Infant-Death Rate
  • 35th – % of Children Aged 0–17 with Unaffordable Medical Bills
  • 45th – Pediatricians & Family Doctors per Capita
  • 43rd – % of Overweight Children Aged 10–17
  • 42nd – % of Obese Children Aged 10–17
  • 47th – % of Children Aged 1–17 with Excellent/Very Good Teeth
  • 30th – % of Children Aged 0–17 with Medical & Dental Preventive-Care Visits in Past Year

To learn more about this report, please visit the WalletHub website.

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