Since Covid-19 put almost everyone on lockdown, Texans are really going big while at home. Besides, when it comes to drinking Texans sure can hit the bottle hard. One thing for sure is we definitely proved that thanks to Twitter. What doesn't surprise me is that Texas came in number 1 for consuming the most alcohol. A BBQ website Seriously Smoked compiled a month's worth of information showing what Texans already know. Seriously Smoked analyzed their study by using hashtags, keywords, and phrases.

Texas was not alone in this study that Seriously Smoked researched during the quarantine. California came in second place while New Mexico came in third place. I find this study to be 100% true since most social media stories I see feature alcohol. But the positive look to this is that Texans are making the best of this situation we're in. It isn't easy for some being on lockdown but at least we Texans know how to make it fun.