KLAQ BBQ is this weekend, so we’re reminding you how to make Teresa’s DELICIOUS pulled pork for about $16.

Want a delicious dinner but don't have a lot of money or time?   Pulled pork is delicious and it couldn't be easier to make! This one is guaranteed to please your man and shut him up!
I have a way you can feed a family of 6 for about $16, and that includes sides.  That's a lot cheaper than going out to a barbeque restaurant!



Get a small pork roast, put it in the slow cooker, smother it in your favorite barbeque sauce and set it on slow for 4 or 5 hours.  Some roasts have a button that pops out when it's done.  Some also come with a netting around it, if so, remove it before you put it in the cooker.

When it is done, take from the slow cooker to a cutting board and shred it using two forks.



After it's shredded  put it back in the cooker and stir it around in the sauce.

Pile it high on your favorite bun, and add pickle slices, onion, whatever you desire.  Make it El Paso style by throwing on some jalapenos!

Serve it with easy to make cole slaw.



Combine a bag of shredded cole slaw mix and half a bottle of cole slaw dressing.  It may not seem like it will be moist enough, but trust me.  Refrigerate for at least 30 minutes to make sure it's well chilled.  A couple of cans of ranch style or your favorite beens completes the dinner.

So cheap and easy, who needs the barbeque restaurant!  Enjoy!



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