During the summertime is when our kids get in lazy mode and really take a load off. There is something that will help parents and their teens when it comes to staying active.

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At least when the kids are in school they're getting some form of physical education, unlike in the summertime. Now my son Isaiah always looks forward to taking a break in the summer to be away from schoolwork.

Well, luckily for your teen they can still keep up with an active lifestyle thanks to Planet Fitness. There is a special program that will begin on May 16 and run through August 31 to help teens stay fit.

But if you're thinking they need a membership, you're dead wrong my friend. Planet Fitness launched Teen Summer Challenge in 2019 which motivated 900,000 teens to sign up and work out.

This campaign isn't just about improving physical health but their mental health as well. So with that said Planet Fitness will allow teens to work out for free all summer long at any of their facilities.

The age limit for teens who can work out for free must be between the ages of 14 to 19 years old. Now the only thing they ask is for teens under 18 to have either their parent or guardian register them online or at the gym. But this is a real generous move on Planet Fitness's part in trying to help teens stay healthy during the summer.

This is something most parents would want to take advantage of especially since there is NO membership fee. So if you would like to help your teen stay fit then get them registered this summer at Planet Fitness.

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