This ones too late for WTF Wednesday, but it totally meets the criteria!

19 year old Dallas Archer apparently can't afford a holster.  While being booked in Tennessee for driving with a suspended license, cops found a surprise in her vajay-jay.  A loaded, 5 shot .22 derringer. of course it was loaded, what's the point of shoving an empty pistol up there? The gun was also stolen so, heads up fellas ... this ones a keeper!

The po-po didn't find the gun until she was already inside the jail.  So, on top of the suspended license deal, she was also charged with "introducing contraband into a penal facility".  That charge is really funny, on a couple of levels, if you think about it for a minute.

Interesting side note, derringers were once known as "muff" guns.  Seriously.

Anyway, this kind of stuff is not that uncommon.  An Oklahoma lady was found with a 5 shot revolver hanging out of her whoo - whoo.  And bags of meth stuck up her butt!

I bet these two girls are a riot at parties.