I love flautas. They are my favorite food. I love homemade flautas, flautas from The Clock, from El Cometa, I love those flautas that little old ladies sell on Facebook market place- they're just my favorite.

Notice how I call them flautas? It has recently come to my attention that there there is another name for them: taquitos. At  first glance, they will look familiar; and are made the same way they're both stuffed into a tortilla, rolled into a cylinder shape and fried until golden and crispy. You top them with your favorites- my favorite way to accompany my flautas is with cabbage, tomato, red chile and sour cream.

It seems as though what I've been calling flautas are not flautas- they're taquitos, and I am shooketh! Apparently flautas are made with flour tortillas and taquitos are made with corn tortillas.  According to this website, flautas are more common in northern Mexico more than taquitos; however, I've been through most parts of northern Mexico and have never had flautas with flour tortillas! Maybe if I go deeper into Mexico, I'll encounter an actual flauta made with a flour tortilla.

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I know for sure I'm not the only one who has questioned this- but it seems like taquito is the lesser preferred term:

It's also very confusing to many:

And if I, a Hispanic, am confused about the terminology, imagine non-Hispanics!

However, to me, they will always be flautas- and they will always be topped with cabbage, tomatoes, red chile and sour cream. Now, don't even get me started on "rolled tacos"!


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