It has been an intense 24 hours in the U.S. as well as in the Sun City. Our mayoral race is heading to a run off, at the time of this writing, votes for the presidential election are still being counted which means we don't know who has won yet. With so much in the air right now, everyone's nerves are a mess, which is why I think we should all take this time to calm ourselves down and what better way to that than with some "The Mandalorian"?

Season two of "The Mandalorian" dropped on Disney Plus this past Friday and I think a lot of us are still talking about that first episode! In "Chapter 9" we pick up right where season one ended and lots of familiar faces come back, Mando, Baby Yoda and Peli- the mechanic. We are also introduced to my new favorite character: Cobb Vanth played by Timothy Olyphant.

Can we just take a minute to appreciate the greatness that is Timothy Olyphant? He has done it all. My first introduction to Olyphant was, of course, "Scream 2". He played Mickey, the creepy film student who, spoiler alert, is revealed as one of the murderers at the end. Olyphant has had a lengthy career with great roles in TV like in "Justified", "Deadwood", and a cameo on one of my favorites: "The Office".

Recently, he was in "Santa Clarita DIet" on Netflix. Despite the fact that I was upset that Netflix cancelled "Santa Clarita Diet", I was pleasantly surprised that to hear that he'd be appearing on "The Mandalorian", but nothing could have prepared me for how great he'd be in it! Check out this pretty clever edit of his appearance on the show:

He's great right?

In order to relieve some stress, let's just look at some of these pictures of Timothy looking great:

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