Blowing Up Highlighters in the Microwave – Pinterest is Evil and Our Break Room is Suffering
So, the girls in the office have been on Pinterest again.  Why is this bad, you ask?  Because they can't just see a cake recipe or something and flag it.  They have to find the weirdest stuff on there, and then try it out in our kitchen/break room.  A while back, it was Peep-fighting, now it's artsy highlighter explosions.  It never turns out like the pictures they see on Pinterest. WTF?
7 Places to Follow SXSW Online
Don't worry if you can't make it to SXSW. Sure you won't be able to party like a hipster rockstar in person, but you can still catch all of the action from your office while you slack away the day. Here's 10 places to keep up with the festival without traveling to Austin: