Free Aardvarks for 100 Fans
How much more money is needed to finish El Paso's Triple A baseball stadium? No one, it seems, is really sure. Josh Hunt of Mountainstar could only speculate..another 5 million? Seven? Who knows? But what, exactly, is causing the cost overrun on the ballpark that has already been the topic of so much controversy?  Luckily, that information has come into my possession. I have here an itemized list
Go Aardvarks?!
The 5 finalists for the new El Paso Triple A baseball team mascot were announced this week and the response has been...less than enthusiastic.  Running the range of emotions from "offended" to "bewildered" I have heard even the staunchest of Mountain Star supporters offer negative opinions. Former Diablo owner Jim Paul called into the Morning Show and wondered how many people i