The 15 Best Mashups You Should Hear
Our co-workers at Loudwire have put together a list of the Top 15 Mash-ups at their website. Most, if not all, of these we've played on Mashup Monday on the KLAQ Morning Show so if you'd like a little trip down Mash up memory lane, just click on over to the
Monday Morning Mashup: Korn vs. Taylor Swift
My favorite Mash-up's are the ones that take two very different styles of music and make them somehow work together. Today's is a good one. It's Korn's Coming Undone mixed with Taylor Swift's We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together.
Trust me, it works somehow. Enjoy the video…
Gangnam and I Know It (video)
In today's Hero Music Report, we had stories about both LMFAO and PSY.   LMAFAO have NOT broken up. They have, however, decided to take an indefinite hiatus.     South Korean rapper Psy was in the report because his "Gangnam Style" video, just became the most like video on Youtube with ove…
Rudolph & The Police Mash It Up
Hmmm. The Rankin-Bass classic Rudolph mashed with The Police classic "Roxanne". Hmmm. Wonder what the hook could be...
YouTube - Rudolph (You Don't Have To Put On The Red Light).