The Soundgarden frontman puts an interesting spin on Metallica and U2.

Chris Cornell is best known as the singer and (sometimes) guitarist for Soundgarden.  He has also sung for Temple Of The Dog and Audioslave as well as doing his own solo work.

The recently reformed Soundgarden have taken a break from their King Animal tour and are all pursuing various solo projects.  Bassist Ben Shepherd has a solo cd out now titled "In Deep Owl", guitarist Kim Thayill is working on a collection of Soundgarden hits, B-sides and rarities while drummer Matt Cameron has gone back out on the road drumming for his other project.  (A 5 piece outfit you may have heard of called Pearl Jam.)

Chris Cornell is on tour as well these days and during a recent appearance at the Balboa Theater in San Diego, he pulled off this Metallica/U2 mashup.  He used the lyrics for Metallicas' "One" but applied them to the music of U2s' song "One"!

Check out the audio below, then let me know what you think!