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KLAQ Morning Show Will Interview Drake Bell Friday Morning
My childhood involved the hit Nickelodeon show Drake & Josh and I know I am not the only one. I found out this morning, Buzz and the KLAQ Morning will have Drake Bell on Friday's live broadcast from Austin.They will have tons of other bands such as Gemini Syndrome and Asking Alexandria …
The Best Mexican Candy!
This weekend I’m going to binge on Mexican candy since one of my friends is having a birthday party. The moment that piñata breaks open and all the candy flys out, is the the exact time my mouth will start to water.  Here at the candies I will push kids out of the way for…
KLAQ MoSho Wows Fans as Marvel Zombies
The KLAQ Halloween Parade was, once again, a smashing success due in no small part to the KLAQ Morning Show's tribute to Marvel Zombies. Check out the photo...
Pictured, from left to right..
      Zombie Thor
Secret Identity: Duke Keith
Main Power: Super Asgardian appetite for brains and donuts but most…
The Great KLAQ Morning Show Tattoo Debate
The KLAQ Morning Show has brought up the great debate of tattoos. Buzz believes that tattoos are just a fad, Lisa believes it will strongly continue, Duke thinks it will continue but we will see less and Mando is just answering phone calls. What about you?

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