darth vader

Enter to Win a Darth Vader and R2-Q5 Figure Set
Ever wanted your own personal Sith Lord to do thy bidding? Need an astromech droid to record your day-to-day dalliances for the Galactic Empire? Both of those things can be hard to track down, but lucky for you, we just so happen to be giving those exact things away.

That's right, you can take…
[VIDEO] The Force Is Strong With This One. But Which Side?
Sariah Gallego goes to Disneyland and is chosen to join the Jedi Academy and fight Darth Vader. But Sariah has other plans for her life. Like pledging allegiance to the Emporer! She bows to Darth Vader and joins the Dark Side in front of everyone. Keep your eye on this girl!
Lord Vader couldn't have said it better as the east coast is being bombarded by snow. Some parts getting up to 20 inches of it! You got to love the weather in El Paso!