Cosplay isn't just for nerds!

For those of you not familiar with Cosplay, it's basically dressing up and role playing as a character from anything such as comics, video games, television, anime, movies or pop culture.

It's like Halloween throughout the year but cosplayers are very strict on creating costumes that are accurate to the character. Many make their costumes with their blood, sweat and tears!

I guess Syfy realized cosplaying is bombarded by hot chicks and makes for great television. In August, they will be premiering six docuseries following eight of the biggest names in cosplay. Yes, people actually make a living doing this.

You would be surprised with some of the awesome costumes men and women create! I still applaud that girl who created a full Optimus Prime from Transformers at Ep-Con 2012.

Check out these videos of some of the hot chicks and costumes that the bigger comic cons attract!