WARNING: GRAPHIC- Residents on the westside of El Paso should be aware of a person that is killing cats but police say they can't do anything about it.

Residents in the westside communities of Mission Hills and Piedmont Hills should be aware of a potential cat murderer in the area. According to the Sun City Cats Facebook page and the Stop Killing Cats website, there have been 3 cats shot, 3 blinded and 1 poisoned. The 3 blinded cats had their eyes gouged out. The calico cat from the photo was trapped, tortured and beaten for there days before released. Due to her injuries she had to be humanely euthanized. You can see the unedited photo below but we do warn you the injury is graphic.

According to the author of the website, after various cats in the area were attacked, they went to try and get help:

I begged animal control to help. They told me to call the El Paso Police Department. I called the El Paso Police Department, and they told me to call Animal Control. Both told me they could no NOTHING unless I had proof. They would not even examine the cat bodies So, out of desperation, I am offering a $5,000 reward which will lead to the arrest and conviction of the cat killer.

The website also offered tips to the community on how they can help catch this cat killer:

  1. Log any unusual night-time sounds;
  2. Please keep of log of unusual activity;
  3. Strange cars (please write down color, year, make, model and license plate numbers,)
  4. Any descriptions of strangers in the neighborhood;
  5. Take a cell phone pix or video and email to the email address below;
  6. Activity seems to be higher on weekends so log activity of any visitors.

KLAQ has been trying to confirm this information and will update this post as soon as more is available. Until then just to be safe, make sure you know where you cats are and bring them inside at night and on the weekends. If this is true, it must be pretty bad that an entire website had to be made just to inform people of the danger their pets are in.

If you have any information, please email the website or call the El Paso Police Department at (915) 832-4400.


Stop Killing Cats Website