There are other El Pasoans who struggle with the same work-related issues you saw on Office Space. Whether there may be beef between you and a co-worker or technical issues. We all know the feeling when it comes to having technical issues with our technology.

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Now I certainly have had my fair share of technical difficulties over the years. But sometimes it can be so frustrating that you feel you could go Office Space crazy at times. Hopefully, I don't jinx myself but so far my work laptop has been good to me lately.

Before I was always having issues saving articles but thankfully it stopped and hopefully stays that way. My work laptop would always cause me so much frustration on certain days. But at the office, I wasn't the only one dealing with technical frustrations.

Now years ago our office headquarters used to rely on an old school printer machine. Some days you crossed your fingers for extra luck that the printer wouldn't give you problems. On some days you were lucky but on other days not so much.

Well, that printer no longer exists since it was taken out by 3 account executives Chad, Ray, and Ryan. They figured it was best to take it out which was in Office Space parody style. You can see the actual scene from the film further up and our KLAQ account executives re-enact the printer scene above. If you can relate or once related to this kind of issue at your workplace place your vote in the poll below.

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