The passing of Vinnie Paul has made any talk of a Pantera reunion a moot point. In actuality, the passing of Dimebag Darrell probably closed that door back in 2004. I can say this as someone who got to know Vinnie Paul. He never specifically said this to me but it was something that his inner circle was cognizant of and that is that Vinnie always, at least partially, blamed Phil Anselmo for what happened to Dime. I guess Phil had answered some questions about, "when is Pantera getting back together?" with some version of , "Talk to Vinnie and Dime". The implication being that Vinnie and Darrell were the only things stopping a Pantera reunion from happening. Some nut who was later described as an "obsessed Pantera fan" got on stage and shot Darrell right in front of Vinnie who could only watch helplessly. I think Vinnie always felt that some of Phil's rhetoric about what was keeping Pantera apart may have influenced this sick persons actions.

The surviving members of Pantera, after a day of silence, have finally been heard.

Former Pantera bassist Rex Brown said on social media: "The last few days have been very difficult and painful." Brown then asked for privacy and thanked fans for their support. He signed off with, "Rest in Peace Brother Vinnie!"

Phil Anselmo's posting was a bit more subdued. The former lead singer posted a simple photo of a lit candle. Given the strained relationship this was probably a good choice especially considering that even this simple post caused a firestorm of angry reactions among Phil Haters vs. Phil Supporters. You can check that out here.

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