The Humane Society of El Paso is gearing up to prepare for the puppy and kitten season with a Spring Puppy and Kitten Shelter Shower!

The spring season sees a HUGE increase in pregnant momma dogs and cats who soon give birth to lots of kittens and puppies. The Humane Society of El Paso is preparing for this season with a huge donation drive and are looking for you to help!

Every spring/early summer the shelter sees a huge influx of pregnant momma animals, puppies and kitties...which means the foster program is working in hyperdrive. We need your kindness and support to help us through this so that we can in turn help the needy animals in our community!

They are asking for items that are always needed in their foster program like training pads, kitty litter, small cat litter pans, pet doors, exercise pens, stainless steel bowls, pet wipes and more. They also are in need of certain items specifically for kittens and puppies.

The Humane Society of El Paso have even created an Amazon wishlist and a Target baby registry to show you the exact items that they need. The cool part about the Amazon wish lift is there are explanations of exactly why they need those specific item so you know what your gift is going towards. You can purchase items from both website and you can even get the items directly delivered to the Humane Society so you don't even have to drop it off!

Read more about the Spring Foster Puppy and Kitten Shower at their Facebook event page.

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