The dinosaur age has joined the digital era as the DinoTracks site in Sunland Park debuts its new augmented reality hiking tour app.


Insights' new app will allow families to hike with the dinosaurs that once roamed our region alongside their fossil footprints, merging the past with the present. The borderland is home to many geological sites, including the Dinosaur footprint fossils at Insights' DinoTracks site in Sunland Park, NM.

The impressive site reveals a 98 million-year-old history rich with over five different species of dinosaurs, volcanos, and even marine organisms, evidence that El Paso and surrounding areas were once underwater.


With the new Insights' Explore AR app, anyone can hike with dinosaurs in virtual reality when you visit the DinoTracks site and use the app to take a guided hiking tour of the site.

The app is also available in English and Spanish versions and are available for a free download for a limited time. After the first 1,000 downloads, the app download price will be $5.

App Details:

  • The Explore AR DinoTracks tour allows visitors to use their tablet or smartphone to see augmented reality outlines of real dinosaur footprint fossils by scanning QR codes along the tour.
  • Visitors can also see animations of the dinosaurs that made the tracks and 360-degree panoramas of the prehistoric ecosystems in which they lived.
  • The Explore AR DinoTracks tour will guide visitors through all ten stops on Insights' 1.5-mile loop hike at the DinoTracks site near the base of Mt. Cristo Rey in Sunland Park, NM.
  • With Insights' new app! App downloads are FREE for a limited time.
  • App Website:

DinoTracks Site At Sunland Park, NM

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