It's been a minute since we had any weirdness out of Sunland Park New Mexico so, we were due.

Sergio Carillo, a substitute teacher with the Gadsden Independent School District and a Sunland Park New Mexico city councilman was arrested Tuesday on drug charges.

According to KFOX news, Carillo was in a parked car with two others when deputies smelled drugs and asked to search the car. Carillo refused to allow the search so they impounded the car and let the men go. Eventually, the vehicle was searched. A small amount of marijuana and drug paraphernalia were found so, they popped Carillo.

Last July, councilman Francisco Jayme was evicted from his home and charged with theft for not paying rent.  In 2012, Sunland Park's Mayor confessed to approving city projects while drunk, the police chief was arrested and, well, a whole bunch of other stuff happened!