Tune in Sunday night at 10 p.m. for the best new and local rock, rock news, concert previews and more during Q Connected, sponsored by The Rockhouse!

Sunday night, catch the best new rock on Q Connected from bands like: Letters From The Fire, (check out their new video!!), Blacktop Mojo, (BTM do a KILLER Aerosmith cover), Dead Girls AcademyDorothy, UnderoathMarilyn MansonSevendustMyles KennedyRoyal Blood and many more!

As usual, there will be lots of Local Locos like Texas Voodoo Stomp, Sorrytown, Section 6 and many more.

Do you have a local band for Q Connected? Let Dubba G know via email (ggarza@klaq.com), or call him at (915) 544-9550. For the record, “local band” means:

  • The band lives within 200 miles of El Paso.
  • The band regularly plays live shows within 100 miles of El Paso.
  • The band submits an original, properly recorded and mixed, rock song or video.

NOTE:  Rules are flexible and subject to change. If you have questions, ask here!

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