During the beginning of the El Paso "shutdown" Sun Metro saw a reduction in services to keep not only employees but passengers safe, and to reduce the spread of coronavirus. Now that the state is in process of opening up, Sun Metro's regular routes will be restored. Beginning Sunday, August 2nd, Sun Metro routes will be returning and are focused on providing service where it is needed the most. Enhanced safety measures will continue to combat the pandemic.

New routes have been established to make connections easier to prominent locations and transit centers. The new system delivers a fully functioning transit service for the El Paso community while continuing to prioritize COVID-19 safety efforts for employees and passengers. This pandemic recovery plan will also include weekday and weekend schedules for fixed and Brio routes. Also beginning on August 2nd, all passengers will be required to use the front doors when riding the Brio bus system. Sun Metro highly encourages passengers to prepay at the ticket vending machines for faster boarding. You can find out more on the returning (and some new) routes by clicking here. 

I'll have to admit that I haven't taken public transportation in a few years, so suffice it to say that during this pandemic I haven't noticed how packed or empty Sun Metro buses have been. We did receive a call not too  ago of a Sun Metro bus driver who wanted to inform us that buses are packed. It's important to remember that Sun Metro will use additional buses to cover the overflow of passengers. For anymore information you can click here.

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