Godsmack's last studio album came out in 2010, but the band is inching closer to completing a new disc. In a new tweet, frontman Sully Erna gave fans an update on the recording sessions for their forthcoming disc.

Revealing that pre-production has in fact ended, Erna stated that he was preparing to start on vocal tracking for the upcoming disc. Just last month, the frontman told fans that the band had finished coming up with 11 new tracks in just two weeks of work, while drummer Shannon Larkin had stated that the band was having difficulty narrowing down which tracks they would record for their new album.

Erna's tweet, which clearly shows his excitement for the new music, can be read below:

Godsmack have also been keeping fans up to date on the progress of their new album via their Facebook page in a series of photo updates. Check out a few of the posts below and see all of the band's photos from the studio here.