The rumors were definitely confirmed over the past couple of weeks about Subway's major transformation. Subway's sales had been declining according to CNN News which is why the team came up with Eat Fresh Refresh transformation. The purpose of this is because they wanted to give their guests new and improved flavors.

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I am wondering how the true Subway fanatics are feeling about this upgrade happening. But something Subway fanatics can be somewhat relieved about is the tuna sandwich will remain the same. The Eat Fresh Refresh transformed the menu including 20 changes along with revamped ingredients.

So don't get caught off guard when you notice four tweaked familiar sandwiches. Plus, if you also like including bacon in your sandwiches you will love this change. Subway will now be using hickory-smoked bacon instead of their previously used bacon.

Something else that may intrigue you to give their revamped menu a try is their change of bread. Subway's Italian and their multigrain bread will be from a new recipe. You can also expect new toppings to throw in your sandwich as a part of the Eat Fresh Refresh boost.

This new change got me wondering if they will have a type of sub that will be considered Chuco style. It would be neat if they created a type of sub that would represent the borderland. But if they do, you know the sub is guaranteed to include jalapenos in it.

CNN spoke to Subway CEO John Chidsey about Subway's biggest transformation in 56 years (below). The video below is where you will hear if prices will be affected as well after this change. There are some people who may be disappointed because well let's face it, some people don't like change. Who knows though, for those who aren't happy about this may come around to love the revamped menu.

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