Dennis DeYoung will be bringing the music of Styx to the El Paso Downtown StreetFest on Friday, October 5th. As a Millennial, I was not around for peak Styx but I did grow up with their music thanks to my parents! I kind of feel like Eric Foreman did in "That 70's Show" when he wants to go to the Styx concert and everyone kind of makes fun of him for liking them.

Plot twist; at the end it's revealed that they all love Styx, so I know I'm not the only one here. So, if you too enjoy a more lush, orchestral sound like Foreman and I do, or, if your parent's didn't blast Styx in the car on the way to Grandma's house, then allow me to introduce you to the sound of Styx.

  • 1

    The Grand Illusion

    Thanks, Eric Foreman. But, also, if you read the lyrics, it's gives us all a really good message.

  • 2

    Come Sail Away

    Probably the most iconic of all the Styx songs, this song has been used in many movies and shows. Some of my favorites include, Glee, The Goldbergs and Community.

  • 3


    The ballad we all deserve! My parents sang this song all the time and at first I was like "How cheesy!" but now I start belting it out (to my cats). Millennial's and Gen Z-ers may recognize this from Kevin Smith's movie Yoga Hosers (such a cheesy, dumb movie but entertaining none the less)


  • 4

    Mr. Roboto

    And, finally, the one song that taught all of us how to say "Thank You Very Much" in Japanese. Also, probably the only words I know from the song! Really, it's the only part that matters

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