Luckily so far El Paso hasn't reported any cases of the coronavirus. But hopefully, it will continue to stay that way after the latest news from El Paso Times. I remember seeing the news report about a student that planned on returning to El Paso from Italy. As stated by NMSU's Office of Education Abroad there are 28 students are still continuing their studies abroad. It is pretty worrisome knowing that the student is officially back from Italy and is in El Paso. That probably explains why our El Paso leaders held a press conference.

I can certainly say both students were smart to self-quarantine themselves after returning from Italy. Besides the student here in El Paso, another is self-quarantined in Truth or Consequences, New Mexico. Italy is one of the four that is designated with a level 3. In case you missed the press conference, you can see the full coverage above. Be sure to keep taking caution when you need to head out of the house. So wash your hands like you've been chopping jalapenos and you need to change your contacts.


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