Nope, it wasn't aliens trying to get a front-row seat at the universe's craziest reality show.

According to the El Paso Times, it was just a bunch of satellites. 60 Starlink satellites were launched March 18th and successfully placed into orbit., creating a "train" that captivated folks in Alamogordo for almost half an hour. A support astronomer at the Apache Point Observatory in the Sacramento Mountains, Candace Gray, said:

"However, this does sounds exactly like SpaceX. I saw them once from site, I think about one to two hours before dawn and the line of satellites went on for over 20 minutes and it was still going when I had to go back inside." - EPT

No men in black, no government cover-ups, nothing exciting at all really. Something that is actually pretty routine and which also freaked out peeps in Western Europe. Watch a video of them up above.

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