This morning on the KLAQ Morning Show, we gave away tickets for the Stone Sour concert at Tricky Falls, to the lucky winners of our comic book quiz. One guy couldn't get through on the phone lines, so he decided to run over to the studio from the Sun Bowl.

Alexis Solano decided to run over to our studio about 7 a.m. and patiently wait for someone to notice him. Our offices don't open till 8 a.m. and we didn't know the guy was waiting outside till the show was over. We wish we would have know he was out there because that Marvel Zombie comic question was just taking forever to find a winner, and Alexis knew the answer!

Don't get any ideas people. Your best chance of winning any KLAQ prize is calling into the show or registering to be a KLAQ Freeloader and enter online. We were just in a good mood today and decided to give this guy tickets to tomorrow's Stone Sour show and artwork signed by Corey Taylor.

Emily's Photo
Emily's Photo

We couldn't just give these awesome prizes to the guy and let him run back to school, we had to record his reaction first. Rock fans are a special breed of people and this guy is a perfect example.