Aerosmith's, Steven Tyler is single again.

Steven Tyler and Erin Brady have been together since 2006. Tyler proposed to Brady on Christmas Day on 2011. Although their relationship was rumored to be on the rocks since late last year, a spokesman for the singer denied any split rumors back on October 2012.

A source says, "It's over for good this time... They're still friendly but they're going their own ways. The engagement is off."

Steven Tyler had a brief relationship with Bebe Buell. In 1977 they had daughter Liv Tyler. In 1978, he married his first wife Cyrinda Foxe, an ex-Andy Warhol model. They divorced in 1987. (She died from brain cancer in 2002.)

In 1988 (talk about no time alone), he married his second wife, Teresa Barrick, a clothes designer. They divorced in January 2006.

Now the multi-rehabbed rocker has called it quits with Erin mainly to focus on his sobriety during the upcoming Aerosmith tour (and from what has been said about her, he made the right decision).

The best of luck Tyler!


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