It's a day that most people will spend barbecuing and brewing. But more importantly it's a day for remember of those who have given the ultimate sacrifice to provide us the freedom that we so frequently take for granted. Here are some random facts about this unofficial start to the summer you might not know:

  1. There are 25 cities that claim to be the birthplace of Memorial Day. While this can't be pinpointed, the state can be. New York was the first state to officially recognize Memorial Day in 1873.
  2. This is the second busiest days for barbecues, with 75% of people planning on grilling. The top holiday, is pretty obvious. The Fourth of July.
  3. Just how many hot dogs are eaten in the US? About 7 BILLION, between now and Labor Day. That equals 818 hot dogs EVERY SECOND.
  4. The amount of Americans traveling this year will be up about 3% from last year, with 39.3 million going somewhere. Most will be driving, and Orlando is the most popular destination.
  5. With all the Memorial Day sales, about 41% of us expect to buy something this weekend.
  6. Not to freak you out, but be careful today. There's an increase of 25% of cooking related fires today. About 50,000 people will be injured in car accidents, and 44% of traffic fatalities will involve alcohol.
  7. 42 million Americans have served in the military during war time. And just in care you forgot what Memorial Day is all about, 1.3 million Americans have lost their lives defending the United States.

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