We all know the famous Eagles song "Take It Easy", right? Well, to refresh your memory- the opening line of the second verse goes:

Well, I'm a standing on a corner in Winslow, Arizona
And such a fine sight to see.

The line is super iconic, especially in Winslow, Arizona where there is indeed a corner that you can visit and take photos at!


Our very own Dubba G paid a visit to it once- and while the photo opportunities are endless, Dubba G eventually got tired of the song!

But that's probably because he didn't go when they were having the special Standin' on the Corner Festival! That's right, every year in Winslow, Arizona, the Standin' on the Corner Foundation (there's a foundation!) host the Standin' on the Corner Festival!

This year the Standin' on the Corner Festival will be celebrating it's 21st year! The festival happens every September right in the heart of the famous Route 66.

The festival is family friendly, has lots of live music and food trucks- and looks like it's a real fun time! Every year, the appropriately named Eagle Pavilion, which is indeed named after the band, packs up with music fans and festival goers all ready to sing along to the famous line!

This year, the Standin' on the Corner Festival will be held September 29 and September 30 and it doesn't look like it's expensive to attend; tickets range from $7 to $10. It's a fun and unique festival, especially if you've always wondered: Is there really a corner in Winslow, Arizona?

You can find out more festival details here. And, just in case the song is now stuck in your head, here you go!


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