So much has changed since the last time El Pasoans were able to celebrate St. Patrick's Day.

Back then we didn't have to worry about social distancing, wearing masks, and having a grand time. Now, St. Patrick's Day will be somewhat different this year despite the Covid-19 regulations lift.

I won't be surprised if people don't turn up on St. Patrick's Day as they did years prior to the pandemic. Despite current times, we can at least enjoy looking back at past good times with friends.

While some of us enjoy St. Patrick's for the green beer others enjoy it for the shenanigans.

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For example, we all know local comedian Nico Adjemian is known and up for any sort of shenanigans. Luckily, the Laughter Hours Comedy YouTube video above proves just that.

Nico hit the streets to test local's knowledge when it comes to the Irish.

There are some El Pasoans that will shock you and some that will leave you laughing. The ones that will have you laughing are the ones that try to answer Nico's Irish trivia the best they can. You can tell the difference between those that know what they're talking about from the ones who don't.

In fact, one particular dude (in the Jesus shirt) stunned me with his knowledge when it comes to the Irish trivia game. Even if you still don't feel comfortable going out you can celebrate St. Patrick's Day right at home with some DIY Irish activities, food, and green beer. Plus, another reason to watch this video is being able to see Nico bust his awesome Irish dance moves.

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