This time of year I used to watch as much NBA basketball as possible. Didn't just have to be my team playing. I loved the NBA. But that has changed, because it's apparently a different game now that bores me to tears. The flops somehow keep getting worse, and it's just a bad product.

So I've challenged myself to find other sports to watch. The obvious one is hockey. And I have actually started watching hockey. I've always enjoyed it, and it's awesome live! So I did go buy NHL '17 so I can learn more about the sport. And just in case you needed someone to sum up hockey players, here is Thad from Blue Mountain State.

Video courtesy of bashnburns.


Hockey is great and all, but I feel like I should do more research. So here are some other sports that have popped up in my hunt.

This is Red Bull Crashed Ice. It seems to be a mash up between BMX and hockey.

Kabaddi seems pretty cool. It's a 7 on 7 game where one team sends a player to the other team's side. That goal of that player is to tag one of the players on the other team and get back to his own side without getting tackled.

Now, the twist. The player going into the other team's zone, needs to hold their breath. And to make sure they aren't breathing in, they need to chant "kabaddi" non stop. Once he tags the other team, they try to tackle him on their side until he has to take in a breath. If they succeed, that player is out.

Video courtesy of We Learn It.

And finally, how about some Calcio Fiorentino. Seriously, it's basically a prison riot.

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