El Paso certainly remembers seeing the Ghost Adventures tv show come to the De Soto Hotel & Concordia Cemetery. But they've been to other haunting places in Texas.

We've seen all the locations the GAC has been to in New Mexico. Now here are all the episodes that show the Ghost Adventures visiting Texas, in chronological order:

NOTE: not every episode has clips on YouTube but you can find plenty of them on the Travel website.

1. Season 4, Episode 49: The first time Ghost Adventures went to Texas was way back in Season 4, when they went to visit the Yorktown Hospital. Since their visit in 2010, many more people have done their own ghost hunting experiences & many Texans consider of the spookiest in the state.

2. Season 7, Episode 71: In the season premiere of season 7, the Ghost Adventures traveled to both Sugar Land & Huntsville to visits 2 locations: The Central Unit Prison & the TX Prison Museum. The GAC was the first & only granted by the TX Department of Criminal Justice before the Central Unit Prison was demolished in 2012.

3. Season 7, Episode 81: "Crazy Town" was the name of the episode set in Mineral Falls, TX. In 2010, the GAC investigated the Baker Hotel; which was set to be haunted by the "crazy water", according to the locals.

4. Season 8, Episode 90: The 2nd episode of 2013's Season 8, the GAC travelled to the infamous Black Swan Inn in San Antonio. Fans of the show might remember this episode for being one of the most haunted in the state of Texas.

5. Season 10, Episode 123: In the Season 10 finale, called "Texas Horror Hotel", the GAC would investigate Seguin's Magnolia Hotel. A spot that many ghost hunters love to search for ghosts.

They also would travel to the Missions Park train tracks in San Antonio, the spot where the legend of the ghost school bus exists.

6. Season 13, Episode 159 (Halloween Route 666 Special): The episode that we're VERY familiar with: in 2016, Ghost Adventures would travel to El Paso to investigate the De Soto Hotel & Concordia Cemetery. This would be Part 1 of the 2017 Halloween Route 666 Special

This episode would also be the penultimate season finale for season 13.

7. Season 13, Episode 160 (Halloween Route 666 Special Pt 2): In the final episode of Season 13, the GAC traveled east to Denton to visit the Goatman's Bridge. This is the episode where Aaron would get thrown by a demonical spirit.

If the Ghost Adventures DO come back to Texas, we'd welcome them back to visit a new location or even an revisiting! We certainly have more spooky places in El Paso that they can go to...

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