You may not know the name Lucas Babin but I'm pretty sure you've seen him before! Lucas Babin, once played a character named "Spider" in 2003 in a little film called "School of Rock".

"School of Rock" starred Jack Black as a guitarist who gets thrown out of his band-No Vacancy- and is replaced by Spider. If you've never seen the movie (like Buzz) I won't spoil it, but here is No Vacancy's Battle of the Bands performance where Spider gave many of us a sexual awakening.

Babin has also appeared in a Brazilian telenovela, "Sex & the City", the music video for Alanis Morissette's "Precious Illusions" and Paris Hilton's "Stars Are Blind". Recently, though, Babin has taken a different role: district attorney in Texas. Twitter user Janel Comeau confirmed the news to everyone, while sharing a picture of Babin these days:

That's right, Spider with the leather arm chaps is the district attorney of Tyler County, TX. Babin was actually one who indicted Netflix back in September by a grand jury on criminal charges connected to the controversial movie "Cuties".

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Babin was elected as district attorney in 2018 and is a devout Christian.

Of course the internet went crazy after Comeau's original Tweet- recieving over thousands of likes, retweets and comments. Some of the comments include:

Even Texas senator Ted Cruz got in on the Twitter action (because of course, what else is he going to do?)

Thank you for coming to my useless fact of the day!

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