This weekend we're expected to have a cold front roll through El Paso. Now we're used to experiencing some nice decent weather and then heading into a cold front the next. El Paso has always been known for having bipolar weather which is why I keep extra clothing items in my ride.

Granted our temperature drop won't be as bad as it was during the big freeze in 2011. It was on February 2, 2011, when El Paso, Texas experienced the coldest maximum temperature of 15 degrees. That was the winter storm that just disabled our city. The people who had to work and drive in that weather are the true breadwinners.

As it is anyone who knows me and who reads past articles knows I absolutely hate the cold or being cold for that matter. The borderland faced the worst kind of freeze that left all sorts of havoc around El Paso. The severe winter storm made it a difficult journey to and from work for residents that live off Magnetic Street. Some of those houses are on steep hills and driving down the road on snow ain't fun. If you live in that area or been around it then you know it can be dangerous during a winter storm. I remember watching a car drive down Zircon Drive and swerving left and right.

Don't mean to rain on your Valentine's Day parade but this coming Sunday El Paso's temperature will drop big time. El Paso is expected to experience some snow showers in the evening on Valentine's Day.

There are some people who don't need a restaurant's help to prepare a romantic dinner for their partner. Also, usually, the ones who don't need help are the kind that can set the romantic mood at home. Since El Paso's expected to have a cold front roll through I am wondering how many still want to be wined and dined outside of the home. Let me know if you plan on spending Valentine's Day inside your home or out in public in the poll below.

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