There are some people rejoicing about Southwest Airlines bringing back something that helps uneasy travelers during a flight, alcohol. But then you also have the other regular flyers of Southwest Airlines who aren't very happy about the recent news. If you can't recall when Southwest Airlines stopped serving alcohol it has been since March of 2020.

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We can certainly blame the people who overdo it on the drinks on the flight and end up being the cause of a disturbance. Due to the physical disturbances on Southwest Airlines flights they had put a ban on alcohol sales during flights.

But after spending a much-needed time-out without alcohol on flights, Southwest Airlines has decided to lift the ban on alcohol. CBS 8 San Diego YouTube video below shared the exciting news and even some of the disturbances that happened on flights that led to the alcohol ban.

One woman who was interviewed made a valid point saying how people should limit what they drink but we know not everyone can limit themselves. So if you're traveling anywhere after February 16, get those free drink coupons you've been holding on to ready.

Some of you may have noticed your friend's excitement about sharing the news on their social media. There are people who rely on that calming adult beverage right before a flight.

But some passengers are worried about fights occurring on flights again once alcohol is ready to be served. While others like Dario Rodriguez (above) who is certainly excited about the news and looking forward to that tasty and relaxing drink on the flight.

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