FINALLY ... tomorrow is the day!!

It's almost time!!  This being the 3rd or 4th post I've done on the subject (and after hearing the almost constant on air reminders); do you get the feeling I'm excited?

I've been waiting about 16 years for this; of course I amNew rock from Soundgarden

The tunes called "Been Away To Long" and guess what?  I should have it in my hot little hands around midnight tonight!  Which gives me plenty of time to download it, get it into the KLAQ system and play it for YOU tomorrow!  :)

I know, I know ... I'm cool. No need to thank me.

Just be patient my Brothers and tomorrow, it will be ours!  (New Disc ... King Animal ... out in November!)

In the meantime, here are Chris and Matt talking about pulling it all back together!

Got a flashback for you to.  One of my favorite Soundgarden tunes EVER!  Chris Cornells' scream at the beginning only one reason this song RAWKS.  If you're into car crashes you'll really love the video. (It's like 5pm at the intersection of Montana and pretty much "any street" east of Airway!)