Well, we're getting there anyway ... the countdown has begun!

The new Soundgarden disc "King Animal" lands November 11th and we should have the first single from it on The Q a week from tomorrow!!

I know ... I can't wait either!   \m/

It's called "Been Away To Long".  (16 years to be exact.)  

According to lead throat Chris Cornell the new material picks up right where Soundgarden left off back in the 90s!  

“I’m looking forward to putting out a whole album, where you get a collection of songs,” he explained. “We’re an album-orientated band, so I look forward to getting into long-form listening. That seems to have disappeared over the last 10 years, people seem to now be more into one song at a time.”

A tour will surely follow and ... rumor has it ... may include Pearl Jam

(Can you say Temple Of The Dog reunion?!?!) 

For more info, keep it on The Q and keep visiting KLAQ.com.

Check out the trailer for the new disc below and get ready for a whole new "animal"!!