Local swag has hit Sonic's website! Who doesn't love Sonic? Well, okay, maybe there are a few people out there who don't care for it. This is specifically for those who do like like Sonic!

Sonic's online store has launched some new shirts that are specific to each state. They're actually pretty cool and have a specific theme that correlates to the state. For example, the Nevada one pays tribute to Area 51.

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The shirt for our neighbors in New Mexico get a snake and desert background.


Now, here in Texas, what would be a great symbol that makes everyone immediately think of the Lone Star state? Blue Bonnets? Cowboys hats? Maybe.

Sonic thought a rodeo best represented Texas, which isn't so bad- we do love a good rodeo here in Texas. However, their shirt design for Texas is a bit questionable. Here's the front of it.


Pretty cute right? Now, here's the back.


Let's take a deeper look at this, shall we?


Our cowboy is riding a Chili Cheese Coney like it's a bucking bronco! Look at the worried look on our poor cowboys face! I guess we all would look that same way if we were riding a Sonic Chili Cheese Coney!

It's adorable, yes, and I do think that it best represents Texas, but at first glance my mind went a little bit in the gutter.

Anyway. You can check out the entire collection by clicking this link to purchase your Sonic Swag. Now I want a Coney!


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