The worst solar flare in years is heading for us today!

Don't worry, the world won't end .. no rapture today .. and I doubt we'll all wake up in a commune with Mel Gibson as our only hope of survival.   This thing IS goinng to flip out some electronics though.  Cell phones, satellites, communications equipment, etc may act a little weird today. 

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As far as I'm concerned, this could be the ultimate "get out of work/class/chores" excuse!!  No more "the dog ate my project" or "noone told me".  Today it's all about 'da flare!  

"Sorry I didn't make it to work boss, the solar flare freaked out my cars electronics".  "I didn't get your message to mow the grass 'cuz the solar flare fried my phone Dad".  "I would have been happy to take you to the airport, but I heard the solar flare caused all the planes to be  grounded ... so I went to the mall instead".

What would be your best excuse .. related to solar flares .. for getting out of stuff be??  Post 'em here or on the KLAQ facebook page!!

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