Well, according to this report anyway. Mushrooms can also cause you to see mythological creatures and dead relatives so ...

Seriously, according to the International Journal of Medicinal Mushrooms, smelling this weird looking mushroom causes women to orgasm. (Ladies, don't bother clicking that link, a HUGE number of page visits crashed it. You can try this one, or watch this.) The study indicated that 16 women sniffed the 'shroom and six had orgasms. The others, given a smaller dose, noted increased heart rates.

The, ahem, "study" was originally published in 2001 but we're just now hearing about it? Yeah, I'm a little skeptical. If it were true, they wouldn't have sat on it (so to speak) this long. Sales would be huge. Jeez, an entire industry would have been created!

Remember how interested in gardening everyone got when they realized they could grow marijuana? The gardening boom resulting from this news would be a million times bigger.

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